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Representation Package

Guaranteed Representation Meetings! LA Talent Only.

Great for: Trained “agency ready” actors ready for representation meetings, more advanced actors who have been unsuccessful gaining representation, actors who have been dropped from an agency, + more!

Time to get repped and go on agency meetings! This package begins going through the same “agency ready” process as the Pre-professional Package, and the actor is transformed into a more competitive talent ready for representation by enhancing their overall potential, and marketability in the eyes of the talent agent. This package is a favorite because it guarantees representation meetings with legitimate LA agencies until the actor ultimately signs with a talent agency! Submission for consideration for the Representation Package is required. Some beginner actors may not be accepted for this package. Other stipulations may apply.


Pre-professional Package

Great for: Actors at all levels who aspire to gain agency representation, beginner actors who are not yet “agency ready,” actors who have been unsuccessful gaining representation, + more!

Time to get “agency ready!” Bring a notepad! Acting Talent + Acting Biz = Agency Ready! This package covers everything needed to be considered for agency representation and then breaks it down into achievable, doable steps for actors.

● Learn what you need to make an agent see your potential

● Get your resumé made over into a competitive resumé to increase your competitive edge

● Master the materials agents are actively searching for

● Learn agency contracts and how to win representation at agency meetings

● Learn about scams + more!

Here, actors learn what is needed to be seriously considered for agency representation allowing them to more sucessfully pursue securing representation independently


Consultation Services

Great for: Actors at all levels, returning clients, actors not accepted for the Representation Package, actors opting for services a la carte, actors already repped who have questions on improving their opportunities, influencers, models, + more!

A consultation is a sit-down in a group setting, a one-on-one, or via Skype advising actors toward their goal. A consultation is great for any actor at any level. Each actor has their own individual journey so all advisement is curated and customized to each individual actor. Consultations are unique and geared toward grooming talent to be competitive, pre-professional, and most importantly “agency ready.”

Here, the á la carte representation service is another option for actors who aren’t quite ready for the Representation Package. Similar to the Representation Package, the á la carte representation service also secures representation meetings for actors on a no guarantee á la carte basis. Contact for inquiries.