i’m a talented actor. why haven’t i gotten an agency to represent me?

To start, it takes more than simply a resumé and a headshot. There can be a million reasons why actors may have a hard time getting agency representation. Many times though, actors have a wealth of acting talent but lack knowledge about the business of acting. To succeed, you need to be “agency ready,” which is a balance of both, and that is a very common hinderance for aspiring actors seeking that coveted agency contract.

What does creative actors consulting do?

Creative Actors Consulting helps actors get from point A pursuing acting, to point B as a pre-professional in a position to work as an actor! CAC also specializes in getting actors representation meetings with reputable agencies.

is creative actors consulting a talent agency?

No, Creative Actors Consulting is not a talent agency, nor talent manager. CAC is a liaison, preparing actors through the Representation Package and Pre-professional Package to be ready to get repped by a talent agency.

how does creative actors consulting get actors representation?

Creative Actors Consulting gets actors repped from a process. First, by preparing actors to be “agency ready” through the Representation Package. Then CAC secures representation meetings through industry relationships, experience, and creativity.

can creative actors consulting get all aspiring actors agency meetings?

Aspiring actors interested in the Representation Package have to submit to be considered and accepted as a client of that package. Only those clients are guaranteed representation meetings with agencies. Clients may also gain representation via the á la carte service but at no guarantee. Contact for more info on the á la carte service.


can i get representation on my own?

Of course and the Pre-professional Package is how you become “agency ready” to do it! Creative Actors Consulting guides aspiring actors who don’t know what is needed to get repped, and actors who have been trying to gain representation for years but haven’t had much success.


does creative actors consulting teach actors how to get representation on their own?

No. Creative Actors Consulting focuses on guiding and preparing an actor to be ready for representation. CAC’s Representation Package prepares actors to be “agency ready” then secures agency representation meetings for the actor. The Pre-professional Package also prepares actors to be “agency ready” to potentially be considered for agency representation. Consulting services vary depending on client needs, but also has an á la carte representation service option to get actors representation.

I wasn’t “agency ready” enough to be selected as a client of the representation package but i still need help getting repped. how can you help me?

The á la carte representation service is a great option for aspiring actors who aren’t quite ready for the Representation Package! This service also helps actors get representation like the Representation Package, but on a no guarantee á la carte basis rather than as a complete package guarantee. Nothing tried, nothing achieved!

why should i work with creative actors consulting?

You will be investing in your knowledge. CAC’s packages are designed for learning what you need to be “agency ready” and to achieve landing agency representation. Crystal-Lee, the creator of Creative Actors Consulting, has worked with Wally Pfister [The Dark Knight Rises], Mia Michaels [So You Think You Can Dance], Issa Rae [Insecure] and more, and has built a resumé including major studio credits, as well as experience as a working actor worth learning from.

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Do you offer free consultations?

“Crystal-Lee, there are so many scams out there that rip off people who want to become actors. If you can actually help those people, your expertise and time is worth every dime.” —Mom

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